Music evening 1

There is so much beautiful music that has been composed, performed and recorded. But how do we find out about it? It is not necessarily easy to find something that you like by just randomly clicking around the web.

Luckily, everyone likes music, so a good way to discover great music is just by talking to people (besides, it is also a meaningful way for people to connect). That is how the first music evening came about…

The idea is very simple—people just come together and everyone shares one piece of music with everybody else (preferably, it should be “the most beautiful piece ever written” or at least have some special significance to the person who shares it).

The first event took place yesterday at my place. (We not only shared good music, but also had some yummy Italian-Indian-Latvian style risotto!) Here is the list of people who attended and the music that they like (I linked songs on YouTube or Grooveshark, and also added some extra links to Wikipedia or other relevant websites where you can find more information about the music):












Event was followed by a short dance party…

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